10 ways to be more environmentally friendly and reduce the use of plastic!

According to research “having a big family is one of the most destructive things a person can do to the environment”. I disagree, by having 6 people in our family, that means 6 people to impact positively on our environment! Together we can make a difference.

I have asked around and put together some top tips to be more environmentally friendly. I definitely need to get on board with some of these ideas, if we all make changes to our lives step-by-step we can reduce plastic and save our oceans.

1. WAKEcup and smell the coffee!

My husband is a big coffee drinker but is aware of the waste this involves. Some coffee shops offer money of the price of your coffee if you bring your own cup! This is a great idea so my husband decided he wanted a reusable cup. The ones he found were covered in flowers, flamingos or unicorns and he wanted something a little less fancy (I’m sure the lads on his building site would love it if he had a flamingo coffee cup!). WAKEcup kindly sent my husband this coffee cup for Father’s Day!

It’s a super stylish bamboo cup with a stainless-still lining which can be reused over and over again!

Did you know only 1 in 400 coffee cups are recyclable! If everyone had their own coffee cup we could reduce pollution in our oceans. WAKEcup also donate a percentage of each sale to the Marine Conservation society (MCS).

You can purchase your own WAKEcup here or at Not on the Highstreet.

Here are some other ideas:

2. Reusable straws

Alice, Living with a Jude, suggests using a reusable straw! “Each of my children have a reusable straw that I bought from The Vegan Kind and they love them.”

These straws look amazing and they’re only £2.50 each. Another fantastic way to reduce plastic. I recently bought a drink and was given a paper straw, it was so horrible so I need to invest in a bamboo straw like that one!

3. Use reusable nappies and wipes

Emma, Emma Reed, shares how she is going to be more ecologically friendly by swapping to reusable nappies and wipes. I need to definitely give this a go!

A friend suggested that I try reusables for a week and compare the cost saved between disposables and reusables. I think this is also a big factor, not only helping the environment but helping to save money!

4. Bring your own tupperware

Sinead, Sinead Latham, suggests The Clean Kilo “you are encouraged to take along your own containers and pay for what you need. No plastic, no waste and my boy loves it as he can see what everything looks like”.

This is an amazing idea! The Clean Kilo are based in Birmingham so if you aren’t local you can always take your Tupperware into your local supermarket. Nicola (TGCO) from This Girl Can Organise went round all of the supermarkets on her Instagram stories and trialled this! Most were willing to serve her at the counters and put her fish, meats, cheese etc in her containers!

5. Ditch the clingfilm and sandwich bags

Victoria, The Growing Mum, suggests using “reusable food wraps instead of clingfilm. They are very pretty as made with a piece of fabric and beeswax”.

Another brilliant idea to cut down on the use of plastic!

6. Buy wooden toys

Wooden toys not only look better but they’re environmentally friendly too! I find they are longer lasting and can be passed down generations! Invest in those wooden train tracks and building blocks as they will last forever. If you do buy plastic toys, try and sell them on selling sites or donate to friends or play groups. Toys should not be gong to landfill.

7. Get a reusable bag

Samantha, Chocolate and Wine and I’ll be Fine, is doing her part to reduce landfill. “We currently use reusable nappies, wipes, coffee cups, drinks bottles and bags.”

I use my reusable bag daily, it’s always in my changing bag or handbag because I’m forever just popping into shops for one thing and leaving with ten!

8. Buy loose fruit

Hayley, Miss Manypennies, uses canvas bags as previously mentioned but also buys “unwrapped bananas as an easy way to use less packaging”

Loose fruit and veg is definitely a good way to avoid the unnecessary use of plastic, after all some fruits have a skin that you take off before eating or you can just wash them!

9. Shampoo and conditioner bars

Éva, Captain Bobcat, says you should use “soap instead of bottled products, you can even buy shampoo and conditioner bars”.

Another brilliant way to reduce plastic and I love Lush! I know they sell the bars so I need to try those.

10. Support local shops

Kirsty, Winettes, shops locally by “shopping at the greengrocers and butchers”.Another great idea to not only be environmentally friendly but also support others and their businesses. You can get better quality product too!

There we have 10 of my favourite and easy to implement ideas to be reduce the amount of plastic and waste! I hope this was helpful! If you have any other ideas to reduce plastic and be environmentally friendly, please let me and my readers know in the comments below!

Chloe x


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