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On Friday 22nd November 2019 the Cutty Sark was 150 years old! To celebrate their 150th birthday we went along for a visit and there were lots of fun activities taking place!

The Cutty Sark is the world’s only surviving tea clipper and an award-winning London attraction in Greenwich.

We visited the Cutty Sark on Saturday 23rd November 2019 and it is very easy to get to by DLR, rail or boat! As we walked towards the clipper the kids were in awe (again!). We went to visit Cutty Sark this time last year and it was such a fun, family day out. Darcie was only 10 months old at the time so I was excited to see what she would thing of it!

As I took a photo of the kids in front of the Cutty Sark last year I felt I had to do it again for a comparison! Then we ventured inside.

We were greeted by lots of friendly staff; they helped us with our tickets, offered us audio guides and gave them kids an activity booklet each. We were told all about the exciting activities taking place that weekend and the layout of the ship.

Dry Dock:

We decided to head downstairs to the dry dock. Everywhere is easy to access via a lift if you are in a wheelchair or have a pushchair. Down in the Dry Dock you can look up to the impressive view of the Cutty Sark. Covered in smooth copper with 90%+ of its original vessel remaining. A fire broke out in 2007 but the Cutty Sark managed to survive! Down here you can also see a large collection of ship figureheads.

There are also amenities such as toilets and baby changing facilities and the Cutty Sark Café where you can enjoy tea, sandwiches and cake and book in advance for afternoon tea. Wouldn’t that be lovely? To drink tea beneath a worlds famous tea clipper?

During the anniversary weekend there were arts and crafts taking place and a face painter. Archie, Maisie and Charlie loved the arts and crafts! We decided to head upstairs and come back later for face paint but all of the tickets had gone unfortunately so the slots were full.

Lower Hold:

Heading back upstairs to the Lower Hold we walked on board the ship. I got the same feeling this time as I did the first time I visited. The Cutty Sark is incredible and engages with all of your senses. The children were able to walk around and touch the original structure of the ship.

We sat down to watch a short film about the history of the Cutty Sark including its successes and challenges faced.

Tween Deck:

We walked upstairs to the Tween Deck where the kids got to get involved with lots of fun games and activities. They especially liked navigating the ship on a digital game to try and beat the Captain’s fastest time. There were games for all of the children, including Darcie. She played with a small ship toy which had beads to move and different samples of the cargo with different textures to touch and explore.

The children also found out lots of interesting facts about the Cutty Sark and the people who were on board during its time. There was also a station to write letters and post them.

The kids also loved the moving chair which shows how bumpy and rough it would have been aboard the Cutty Sark during its hey day.

At specific times during the day there was a storyteller, a fantastic story teller! She kept the children engaged for half an hour and brought an array of props along with her. Instruments to make thunder noises, tea for the children to smell, wool for the children to feel and rope to wrap around everyone. She was full of energy and told interesting stories about the Cutty Sark and sang songs. The children all absolutely loved the storyteller.

Main Deck:

Heading up to the Main Deck there was a chef explaining life on board the Cutty Sark. The cast varies and there are different characters on the weekends. Up here you can see the beautiful skyline of London and take in the views but you can also see how the crew would have lived and have an insight into their sleeping, eating and working conditions. Maisie even got inside one of the bunkers and just about fit, imagine how it would have been for an adult! Darcie and Lee took to the wheel and pretending they were navigating the clipper.

The Cutty Sark provides a fantastic day out for the whole family and you can spend hours exploring and learning. There is so much to see and do. It’s interesting, education and interactive. Our children range from 21 months to 10 years old and they all had a brilliant time and couldn’t wait to tell their friends about their day out.

If you would like to book a visit to the Cutty Sark you can click here.

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