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I was very excited to be selected by Crown to decorate a room in our home and share the process and my honest review. Straight away I thought it’s going to have to be the hallway. We live in a ground floor flat and the hallway is a connection to every room in the house. It gets a lot of traffic throughout the day, in and out of the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room. The kids tend to run from room to room and touch the walls in the process.

During the first lockdown we, like many others, thought it would be a great chance to decorate. Due to a lot of people having this idea, paint was very difficult to source and non-essential shops were closed. As things slowly opened back up we managed to buy some paint from a shop near us. Unfortunately it wasn’t good quality. The walls have grease marks, pen and everything in between! Everything seemed to mark the walls. I tried wiping the walls down and when I did the paint would come off as well! It was terrible quality paint and a waste of time and money. We only decorated in June and it looked like this 6 months later.

This image is of the wall outside the kitchen. The kids tend to touch it when they’re going in and out of the kitchen and have food on their hands.

This is our front door. Again covered in marks and scuffs, it definitely needs repainting!

Crown easyclean®

I was delighted to be given and opportunity to try out Crown’s easyclean® paint. It’s available in 50 different shades and is the toughest and most washable paint in the range. Crown easyclean® Matt emulsion is specially formulated and allows for repetitive cleaning. It is 200 times more tougher and more washable than Crown’s standard Matt paint. It keeps walls, ceilings, wood and metal looking cleaner for longer. This sounds perfect for a busy home like ours! With four children and a dog we needed something that was washable and easy to maintain without having to decorate every six months!

We went for Cloud Burst in the hallway which is a light shade of grey. The paint is thick and a great consistency to get on the walls without dripping everywhere! I only needed to apply one coat as well, the coverage was amazing!

I was very impressed at how easy it was to apply. This was the second room I’ve decorated on my own and I think I did pretty well!

Once completed I was very happy with the result! It looks fresher, cleaner and will stay like this now!

I have put it to the test and it does exactly what it says on the tin! It is so easy to clean and the paint doesn’t come off of the wall or fade.

The children love drawing but my youngest Darcie is only two years old and tends to run around with pens in her hands or just feels like drawing on the walls sometimes! I’m sure most of us parents have experienced drawing on the walls at some point. The other day she drew on the wall with pencil and it was so easy to remove. I thought I’d try with a marker pen (when Darcie wasn’t looking, otherwise she’d want to join in!) I couldn’t believe I was writing on freshly painted walls!

To my surprise, the walls wiped completely clean and the paint didn’t come off the wall either!

I also tested the walls with chocolate, another thing the kids love to put on the walls and all around their faces too! Of course the paint wiped off the walls very easily!

I am so impressed with Crown easyclean® paint, it is a game changer and I can’t imagine using anything else now. It is such a great product, especially in a busy household with young children.

If you’re thinking about decorating please click here to check out the range!

If you have any questions please feel free to pop them below!

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