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Breakfast; they say it’s one of the most important meals of the day yet two thirds of adults in the UK eat breakfast regularly.After having children I found I was one of them, I would be racing around every morning ensuring everyone else was fed, dressed, washed, brushed their teeth, packing our bags and making sure we had everything ready for the day ahead. I never stopped to think about myself. Even before having children I wasn’t a big breakfast eater, rushing to and from work or uni.

If I miss breakfast I find I will be so hungry by 10/11a.m that I will want to eat anything I can get my hands on. This is too late for breakfast and too early for lunch so I could potentially ruin my lunch and also make unhealthy choices.

Since having Darcie 18 months ago, I discovered belVita! belVita has been in the UK since 2012 so it’s a shame I didn’t try them sooner. But when I had Darcie and I was breastfeeding I wanted something that would give me the energy boost that I needed for breakfast or a mid-meal snack and wasn’t full of sugar! 

My breakfast would often consist of belVita, yogurt and some fruit. The biscuits are made with a combination of grains that are carefully baked to slowly release energy regularly and continuously to keep us feeling energised and refuelled for up to 4 hours! 

More recently I was asked to put belVita to the test in the #PowerYourMornings challenge! I was keen to give it a go as I needed to get better at eating breakfast! 

belVita have released some delicious new products; their Seed and Berries range and their Chocolate Chip Biscuits which contain 30% less sugar. 

I decided to prepare a little breakfast with it being a school morning it was great to have something quick to help me power through the busy morning ahead,. I had these with a mixture of fruit, and a glass of milk, my go to flavour at the moment has to be belVita Seeds and Berries: Blueberry and Flaxseeds. 

I have also found myself keeping some belVita biscuits in the buggy so I can snack on them when I’m at soft play or walking back from the shops or playgroup. I want to try and not be tempted by unhealthy snacks so the 30% less sugar biscuits are perfect for when I want a little bit of chocolate! 

The kids thought it would be nice to make me breakfast in bed and as they can’t use the oven they made me belVita in bed! belVita biscuits, strawberries and a glass of water, this was the drink that was going to cause the least amount of mess with the kids bounding around the kitchen!

The kids have been encouraging me to have breakfast with them in the mornings and I really love spending that time with them and not rushing around as much! If I do forget to have breakfast or run out of time I always grab a pack out of the cupboard to eat on the go as they’re individually wrapped with 3 or 4 biscuits in each pack!

I hope you have enjoyed hearing about how we took belVita’s

#PowerYourMornings Challenge!

If you are planning to give it a try please let me know!

Thank you for reading, 



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