Aquabeads Magical Unicorn Set – Review

Do you remember back in the 90s when everyone would make those pictures from the little beads and iron them together? I loved making pictures with those and would pester my mum to iron them for days.

Im glad Maisie has got the Aquabeads Magical Unicorn Set now I don’t have to iron them, I barely have time to iron clothes let alone beads!

*Disclaimer: I only iron for specials occasions!

The Aquabeads Magical Unicorn Set comes with over 2000 beads, templates/play mat, a layout tray, a sprayer and a display stand.

The set is aimed at children aged 4+ due to the size of the beads and they are quite fiddly. Maisie is 7 and could do it and Charlie is 5 and could do it.

Maisie enjoyed creating the unicorn designs but the slightest knock the the layout tray and she would have to start again. She’s quite clumsy so this happened a few times but it definitely tested her patience! It’s a great toy to increase hand eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Once the designs were complete Maisie used the spray bottle to spray them with water, this helps the beads stick together and after 24hrs they will be stuck which is much easier than ironing.

I would say to improve this kit that it would be great to have some storage for the beads to go in so Maisie could separate the colours and keep them safe. We used Darcie’s baby food pots and LOL doll balls to store them in. I would’ve also liked a larger layout tray or two layout trays so more designs could be worked on as 24 hours is a long time for a child to wait.

Overall, Maisie did really enjoy the toy and she loved setting up the unicorns on the display stand. When my mum came over she was keen to get it out and do it with her nanny.

There are lots of different kits and designs available from Aquabeads too so if unicorns aren’t your thing there could be another design perfect for you and your child.

Thank you for reading,

*This product has been gifted in exchange for an honest review. All words and opinions are my own.


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