Aquabeads tried and tested!

I had seen Aquabeads around for a while, in shops, on advertisements and when scrolling through social media, but I never really knew what they were or how they worked.

Aquabeads kindly sent my children a Star Wars set and a Disney Princess set to try out! Maisie and Charlie were delighted and created a YouTube video!

Charlie made the Star Wars and Maisie made the Disney Princess Aquabeads.

I was so impressed with how organised the set is and how simple it seemed!

The kids knew what to do straight away! The beads were a bit tricky for Charlie to master as he’s only 4 years old, every time he placed a bead down he knocked some of the others out of place but it really tested his patience and he showed me he had a resilience to keep trying!

The best part is, it kept them quiet for ages and it is mess free! You have to fill the bottle with water and squeeze it onto the balls, they expand and stick together! Much easier than the ones I had as a child when I pestered my mum to iron them constantly.

I love the designs available too! You can buy lots of different chars after themed sets but also just packs of coloured beads so the children can use their imaginations to create anything they wish!

I would buy Aquabeads again, my kids really liked them and they kept them entertained for ages!

If you would like to watch Maisie and Charlie’s video you can find it here.

Thank you Aquabeads!

Chloe x


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