Becoming a big brother – with My 1st Baby Annabell

Charlie is an amazing big brother to his little sister Darcie. He is kind, caring and loving towards her.

Charlie is now 4 years old and Darcie is now 6 months old and I cannot believe how quickly the time has flown by.

While I was pregnant I remember worrying about how Charlie would cope with the new baby’s arrival and if he actually knew what my big bump meant. Did he know the baby was going to be real? Did he know she was going to be permanent? Did he know that she would be fragile and small?

I think it’s so important to prepare older siblings for the new arrival. We spoke a lot to Charlie about how small the baby was going to be, warned him that she couldn’t talk or walk (when I was born my brother was shocked and said “Has that baby got legs?” I was wrapped in a blanket!).

Charlie was kindly sent a My First Baby Annabell doll and an outfit. Charlie was so excited he ripped open the box before I could take a photo!

I often see discussions between people saying boys shouldn’t play with dolls but I think it’s so important for boys to role play with dolls and babies just like girls do. Role playing with Baby Annabell has taught Charlie how to care for a baby; changing it’s nappy, feeding it, rocking it to sleep and how to be gentle and hold it carefully.

Charlie loved holding his Baby Annabell and he initially lifted up his top to try and feed the baby before realising it came with a bottle! It’s so sweet to watch him play with his baby!

He fed the baby with the bottle, then he decided he had done a poo and wanted to change his nappy and clothes. He was so gentle and was holding it so gently, he must be watching me and his daddy all the time!

I think it’s just as important for boys to play with dolls and babies as it is for girls to teach them about family, love and caring for another person from an early age.

Charlie is a brilliant big brother to Darcie and we couldn’t be prouder of how well he has adapted to having a new baby around. He is so kind and gentle with her and understands her needs completely.

If you are expecting a new baby I think it’s lovely for the older sibling to receive a baby too! It’s great for their understanding and involves them in the big changes about to happen. It could also be a gift from the baby when they are born to their big brother or sister.

Thank you to Carousel for sending Charlie this lovely gift and thank you for reading.

Chloe x


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  1. Mrs Rushton
    24/08/2018 / 10:22 AM

    Lovely write up! We brought our two daughters a newborn baby doll when we were expecting our third daughter as well and gave it to them as a gift from the new baby in hospital. This is a beautiful doll and I totally agree it helps them prepare xx

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