Biodegradable Baby Wipes – Aqua Wipes

Following on from my previous post 10 Ways To Be Environmentally Friendly, I have found the perfect baby wipe!

I’m not quite ready to use reusable ones (someone suggested a box of flannels to me too!). I’m going to take small baby steps at becoming more eco-friendly and one way is with Aqua Wipes.

Aqua Wipes

Aqua Wipes are specially formulated baby wipes which care for both your baby and the environment. I am aware of other products on the market made with purified water but not ones which are also biodegradable!

I think it is fantastic that these wipes can be used from birth, no faffing around with cotton wool and water. The wipes contain over 99% Purified Water and Organic Aloe Vera.

I loved using these with Darcie, they were wet enough to clean her up but not too wet! After having 4 kids I’ve tried my fair share of baby wipes and I hate when baby wipes feel like wet tissue and rip (if you’ve got a baby you know what I mean!). These were not like that at all, they were the perfect texture to clean Darcie’s bottom.

Thankfully Darcie doesn’t suffer with any skin sensitivities or eczema but I imagine these would be perfect for ensuring you aren’t applying any chemicals or perfumes to your baby’s bottom.

These baby wipes come in packs of 64 wipes and 12 wipes. The 12 pack was perfect for my handbag or in the nappy wallet for short trips out. The 64 pack is perfect for at home or in your changing bag.

The best thing about these wipes is only one comes out when you pull it out of the packet. You don’t end up holding your baby’s legs in the air while you try and shake the packet so you don’t end up with a stream of baby wipes like a magician’s magic trick!

Thank you Aqua Wipes for kindly sending us these baby wipes to try out! Both me and Darcie loved them. I look forward to seeing more products from Nature Ninety-Nine in the future!

Chloe x


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