Bioderma’s ABC Derm Review

Bioderma have recently launched a new range for babies! The ABC Derm range is extra safe, gentle and specifically formulated for the delicate skin of children and babies!

We were sent three products to try; mild cleansing foaming gel, cradle cap and cleansing wipes. There are also other products available in this range!

Cradle Cap

This product is designed to treat and eliminate cradle cap. Charlie is 5 years old and suffers with cradle cap the worst, Darcie has it mildly and even Archie has it at 9 years old. I never really knew how to “get rid” of it and many products I’ve used haven’t worked. Surprisingly I used this product once and I could see a massive improvement. It was easy to apply due to the cannula and I even used this to part the hair and apply it to the scalp. I massaged it in gently and left it for 30 mins. The kid’s played like normal within this time and didn’t complain about it being on their heads. Once the 30 mins was up they jumped in the bath and I washed their hair with shampoo. Once their hair was dry I noticed a visible difference after just one use and it was completely gone after two uses. The last time we used it was about 2 weeks ago and it still hasn’t returned so I would definitely recommend this product if your child has cradle cap. We used this a good couple of weeks ago and the cradle cap has still not returned for any of the kids!

Mild Cleansing Foam Gel

This gel is lovely on the skin, it is gentle and mild and doesn’t dry out the skin. It’s suitable to use on newborns as well. None of my kids have sensitive skin but I like to know I’m not using any harsh chemicals on their skin. They loved the way the mousse foamed and it made it fun for them to wash their bodies!

Cleansing Wipes

These wipes are gentle on the skin and suitable for the whole family! They are infused with dermalogical micellar water. I used them to change bottoms, wipe faces and also take my make up off! The wipes are large in size and thick to ensure that you don’t need to use too many in one go. You get 60 wipes in a packet and they were lovely but they ran out too quickly as I have four children!

Thank you to Bioderma for sending us these products to try out. We enjoyed putting them to the test for you. You can check out the full range here.

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*The products featured in this blog were gifted for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are my own.


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