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What is body positivity and why is there so much focus on it these days? Why do people share their bodies online? Is it for the validation of strangers? Or to prove a point to themselves?

Recently, I was asked to be involved with Mum & You’s body positivity campaign. I thought about it, I thought for ages about it and you know what? I couldn’t think about one part of my body that I liked. I was never confident in my skin before children and I’m certainly not confident after having four children.

And I think that’s okay! I think it’s okay to not be completely happy with your body, I think it is difficult to accept the changes that happen to your body.

I thought I could post about my hips as they have widened after childbirth, I could post about my stretch marks or cellulite but could I be sure they had come from having children?, I could post about my boobs which are slightly less perkier than they were before due to breastfeeding my last baby for almost 11 months, I could post about a lot of things and I’m sure lots of us mums could!

But then I thought can I post something and say I am entirely confident and happy in my skin? No I can’t and that would be misleading for my followers and other mums.

I was worried about three things:

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Thank you for reading,Chloe x


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