Casdon Flymo Toy Lawnmower – Review

Role play is so important for young children and we all know children love to imitate their parents. When I was offered the Casdon Flymo Lawnmower to review, I happily accepted. We actually have a Flymo Lawnmower and the kids often watch Lee mow the grass.

This is the perfect toy appliance following the footsteps of the famous Casdon Dyson and Casdon Henry and Hetty. The vacuums are great for indoor fun but the Casdon Flymo is a fantastic replica for outside play!

The Casdon Flymo is the perfect replica of the famous Flymo Lawnmower with its iconic orange base a design you could get them muddled up if it wasn’t for the size of it!

Children can imitate grown ups with this lovely toy mower. It arrived in a small box and was super easy to put together as it consists of three pieces. This also means you can take it apart to store it away as it has a foldable handle.

It was really easy to slot together and the kids were able to have fun in the garden just a few minutes later. It doesn’t require any batteries but it does have a mechanical click when you push it and it does have wheels that move!

It is lightweight and easy for children to push and lift, the kids had a great time whizzing around the garden with the lawnmower. Obviously it doesn’t cut the grass as you can see, our grass has overgrown! Maybe Daddy and Charlie can mow the grass together! *hint hint* if you’re reading Hubby!

Overall, this is a lovely toy! I thought it was a little pricey considering it doesn’t make any noises etc but it is a lovely toy for your little ones to take outside and play in the sunshine!

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* This toy was gifted for review. All words and opinions are my own.


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