Cutty Sark – review

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We have lived in London our whole lives, yet I don’t ever remember visiting The Cutty Sark. Maybe I did when I was at school, but I really don’t remember. I have taken the kids to so many different museums in London but I always wonder if they’re too old for the younger ones to enjoy and it’s hard to get the balance right. I wasn’t sure if Cutty Sark was one of those places.

I was pleasantly surprised when we were invited to go along to the Cutty Sark and leave an honest review. The kids were all amazed walking up to the ship, it was huge and fascinating for the children and this was just their view from the outside!

The ship overlooks the Thames and is located in Greenwich. It’s in a fantastic location and the area itself is beautiful. The children loved the huge Christmas tree it felt so magical.

Archie 9, Maisie 7 and Charlie 4 were all so excited to climb aboard! We also have a baby called Darcie and she was happy in her pushchair and then was carried by Daddy!

Upon entering the ship there were signs telling us how much of the ships frame is original, we were so amazed and loved finding out facts about The Cutty Sark and how it was for people years ago.

We could smell the tea and there were crates of tea all around. When we walked further into the ship we saw a lovely seated area with a projector screen. We found out all about the history of the ship and all of the children were captivated by it; our 7 and 9 year olds really understood it and even our 4 year old was saying things like “ahh cool” because the images were child friendly.

We continued through the ship with the children completing their Activity Trails. The kids also got to play dressing up with a hat and got their first stamp on their activity card.

We then went upstairs to the middle deck. This deck would have been filled with goods many years ago but now it is hands on and interactive with lots of fun activities for the children (and adults) to do along the way!

The top deck is where the crew would have spent the majority of their time. This is where they would work, eat and sleep. Visitors can try out the bunkers, pretend to take charge of the wheel and see what life would have been like for the crew back then!

Beneath the ship you are able to view the beautiful copper alloy sheathing and there are other amenities such as toilets and a cafe. You can also see a display of the figure heads which would have once featured at the front of the ship. There are seating areas down here making it a fantastic place to bring schools as children are accommodated for.

Toddler Time Event

Young children are also welcome aboard the ship for songs, stories and playtime! The Toddler Time event runs every Wednesday (term time only) from 10-11.30am and also 1.20-2.50pm so you can go at a time that works around your baby’s naps! Aimed at children under 4, this makes a nice change from your regular playgroup or library. The event is £5 per adult or parents can sign up to an annual membership for £44 and they can go for free.

Fun, family day out!

We had a fab time at the Cutty Sark, learning all about its history and experience life of the crew hands on. The whole experience is well thought out and interesting for all ages!

Thank you so much to Royal Museums Greenwich/Cutty Sark for inviting us along and also thank you for reading! Head over to the Royal Museums Greenwich website to find out more about Cutty Sark!

Chloe x

*We were gifted these tickets for the purpose of this review and this is a sponsored post.


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