Getting To Know Us

The Busby’s

Our family is made up of Chloe 27, Lee 31, Archie 8, Maisie 6, Charlie 4 and Darcie 8 week’s. We live in London ❤

Lee and I met at secondary school but didn’t get together until we were 19 & 22. Lee was my brother’s friend and we got the bus to school together; I was the annoying little sister! We lived across the road from each other our whole lives but it wasn’t until we got older that we met properly.

Our relationship progressed quite quickly and within the first year we had a baby boy, had been on our first holiday and had our first flat.

Almost 10 years later and we have four children, we are married, have a lovely flat in London and are living a happy life together.

I continued with my degree when I was pregnant with our first baby, returned when I was pregnant with our second baby (I graduated 3 weeks before she was born!) and completed my PGCE to become a primary school teacher. I had secured my first teaching post, amazing, I thought, until the summer when I discovered I was pregnant. I was stressed, worried and anxious but the school took it really well and I really loved my first year of my teaching career. I continued to teach for 2 more years and now I am taking a break from my teaching career.

When we met, Lee was working in demolition. When I was pregnant with Charlie, we saw it as a great opportunity for Lee to change his career. He started doing the Knowledge of London to become an iconic Black Taxi Driver. Once I got my first teaching post, Lee changed his career and starting working for a private hire company, he was a stay-at-home dad whilst also working nights and doing the Knowledge. When I left my teaching job Lee joined a different demolition company and is working for them whilst doing his knowledge.

In the next year we hope Lee will “pass out” and get his Black Taxi!

In a few years time, I will return to teaching, hopefully in a lovely little primary school and do what I loved once again.

Until then, we are enjoying our family adventures and *trying* to relax a little!

Thank you for reading!

Chloe x


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