Heavenly Tasty Organics – Baby and Kids weaning products – review

Welcome back to another post as part of my weaning series. Today I am going to be sharing our thoughts from trying out the Heavenly Tasty Organics range.

I was kindly sent a box full of products* to try! There is a wide range of flavours, textures and shapes to get babies and toddlers used to different things.

I tried the Coconut Squishes with Darcie as a pudding one evening and she loved it! They are made with 100% Organic fruits and coconut milk. They are also one of their five a day! They come in convenient pouches for on the go or can be added to older children’s packed lunch boxes. With no added sugar or preservatives they go down a treat with both children and parents.

She also tried the Yummy Wafer Wisps, I was quite surprised with the texture of these. They were like a biscuit but healthier! They are made from 100% Organic fruit and vegetables and have ingredients such as buckwheat flour, corn flour and rice flour. Darcie loved chewing on these at Alton Towers when she was teething.

Some of the other products we were sent to try are the Cornpuffs, Veggie Waffles and Breadsticks. These snacks are recommend for babies aged 12months+ so I didn’t give them to Darcie but my 4 year old, 7 year old and 9 year old loved them! They are the perfect snack for on the go and in lunchboxes and they don’t scream “baby” at you as some other brands are targeted for babies in particular.

To get your hands on some Heavenly Tasty products you can shop online or purchase at major retailers around the world!


Thank you for reading,

Chloe x

* These products were gifted. All views and opinions are my own*


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