Mess Free Painting with Little Brian Paint Sticks – Review

Everyone knows that children equal mess!

My daughter Maisie and my son Charlie are renowned for getting messy, they love it! But when they’re wearing white t-shirts I’m not so fond of it! Archie hates getting messy but loves being creative!

Little Brian Paint Sticks are a great negotiator for all parties involved! The kids have fun, don’t get messy and their clothes don’t get ruined.

We have been fans of Little Brian Paint Sticks for a while now and they’re now beginning to run out. We have been sent some new Paint Sticks products to put to the test. Paint Sticks are mess free, twisty paints in a tube! They dry in less than 60 seconds and come in an array of colours. Paint Sticks can paint onto card, paper, wood and glass. You can easily wipe it off of whiteboards and glass.

These Paint Sticks are very versatile due to the size and shape, it’s almost like using a glue stick. You can paint, scrap, stamp and dot them anywhere you wish!

First up is the bucket of paint sticks. This bucket contains 20 colours; 12 classic colours, 6 day glow colours and 2 metallic colours. They are stored away in this convenient little bucket which has a handle making it easy to take it out and about with you. We’ll definitely be bringing it with us when we go away to Dorset this weekend. If you head over to my Facebook pace you’ll also be able to enter my giveaway to win your own bucket of Paint Sticks!

We also received a pack of 24 paint sticks; 12 classic colours, 6 day glow colours and 6 metallic colours. Archie loves these for painting pictures but he also loves using them on cardboard creations like masks and avengers weapons. There is a great range of colours in this set!

Last but not least we tried out the Art Station! This Art Station unfolds to reveal a double sided board; on one side there is a blackboard and the other side there is a white with a clip so you can attach paper.

Charlie and Maisie loved this as they could get creative together and both use a side. They kept peeking around each other’s side and complimenting their pictures which I thought was really sweet.

The clip which holds the paper needs quite a few sheets for it to stay, if you’re just using one sheet it will fall out but it’s a really good idea. There are also removable pots to store the paint sticks and chalks in.

This set comes with 6 classic paint sticks, 6 chalk sticks, paper and a duster. All of the contents fold away inside and it flips together making it really easy to transport and store.

The Art Station went down a treat with the kids and I would really recommend it.

Charlie drew a lovely car on the blackboard! (If you’ve come over from Instagram to find out what it was 😂) I also thought it was a jellyfish!

If you would like to be in with a chance of winning a bucket of paint sticks, please head over to my Facebook page.

Thank you for reading,

*These products were gifted for a review. All words and opinions are my own.


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