Mess Free Baby Led Weaning with Tidy Tot – review

Did someone say mess free? The words mess free and baby led weaning never go together in the same sentence! If you have done baby led weaning with your little one you will know how messy it can be!

But not with the Tidy Tot!

What is a Tidy Tot?

A Tidy Tot is a Bib and Tray Kit designed to make your life a little less messier. It protects your baby, their highchair, the floor and their clothes from getting messy.

How does it work?

The Tidy Tot comes in two sections; the wipe clean collapsible tray and a waterproof, coverall bib. They have a hook and loop fastening which attaches them together meaning no food can go down your baby’s lap.

How did you find it?

This product has been so good, my floors are cleaner, Darcie’s clothes are cleaner and I either just wipe down the tray and bib with a damp cloth or I chuck the bib in the washing machine on a 30 wash.

Would you recommend it?

Yes! 100% this is a genius idea and I wish I had one sooner. Darcie’s clothes stay clean and she manages to eat more of her food instead of it ending up on the floor.

Can you buy extra bibs?

Yes, you can buy extra bibs on the website so if one is in the wash you have a spare.

Where can I get a Tidy Tot?

You can buy the Tidy Tot in grey or green on the Tidy Tot website and they have 25% off at the moment!

Thank you so much for reading this review of the Tidy Tot, it’s a truly fantastic product and it’s made our lives easier.

Thank you to Tidy Tot for asking us to try it out!

Chloe x

*This product was gifted for review. All views and opinions are my own*



  1. 01/10/2018 / 5:45 PM

    I can’t wxplain how much I need one of these!!

    • Chloe Busby
      01/10/2018 / 5:46 PM

      It really is amazing!! Xxx

  2. 02/10/2018 / 11:42 AM

    Great post. I have been wanting to try one of these for ages. Teddy gets so messy at meal times and I’m forever cleaning the floor and the high chair. Xx

    • Chloe Busby
      02/10/2018 / 11:56 AM

      It’s really handy!! Xxx

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