Moj Moj – Itty and Crunch Series – Review

Do your children like blind bags and mystery toys? Then Moj Moj could be the toy for you!

Maisie has watched many videos of people opening Moj Moj and was very excited to receive these!

Moj Moj Ittys

The Moj Moj Ittys are miniature squishys! With 5 tiny little characters in each pack they’re guaranteed to be exciting. Maisie loved opening hers up and lining them all up, she couldn’t wait to see if she had got any rare or ultra-rares. There is also an ultra-rare big character to find!

Moj Moj Crunch

The Moj Moj Crunch Series come in a reusable cube package with a surprise pop up background to play in. Each Moj Moj features a crunchy surprise and there are also rates and ultra-rares. The different crunchy textures include sand, beads, glitter and foam. Maisie said they were so satisfying to squish!

I think the Moj Moj Crunch were Maisie’s favourite because they’re larger in size, they come with the cube and have a little background scene. I feel like you get more for your money with the Crunch Series than the Itty series, although you do get 5 in a pack in those I prefer one larger toy and the little storage cube.

Thank you for reading our review of the Moj Moj Itty and Crunch Series! These are the perfect surprise blind bags and great to trade doubles with friends. Maisie would love to build up her collection of Moj Moj!

* These toys were gifted for an honest review, all words and opinions are my own.


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