My Fairy Garden Light Garden review

If you’re a parent you would have seen, or definitely heard, the My Fairy Garden adverts on TV! My daughter has been asking for one for a while. The original Fairy Garden was such a hit with the children that they now have a Magical Fairy Garden, Unicorn Garden, Lilypad Garden and many more!

My Fairy Garden: Fairy Light Garden

We were sent the My Fairy Garden Fairy Light Garden to review! Maisie was delighted, she couldn’t believe she was actually going to get to make it. So we raced to the table and got everything out of the box. But…. I didn’t realise I needed to get soil, obviously I knew there wouldn’t be soil in the box but I forgot I would actually need some! (If you are buying this for a gift make sure you have some soil). Luckily, I knocked on my green fingered neighbour’s door and they had some. They took the bowl and filled it up for us!

Now we could begin the assembly of the Fairy Garden. We followed the instructions building the Fairy mushroom house, bridge, bunting and so on. It was really simple to do and Maisie was able to do most of it on her own!

She sprinkled the grass seed over the soil and watered it. Then she sprinkled the magic Fairy dust over it all and placed all of the figures (fairies, unicorn and hedgehog) in and around the Fairy Garden.

She had loads of fun role playing with them. She was over the moon with it and the grass hadn’t even had chance to grow yet.

We placed it in Maisie’s room and within a couple of days the grass started to grow! She was amazed! It all happened so quickly and it was only in her bedroom. I think we need some magic Fairy dust to help it grow our grass in the garden!

The grass grew so long so Maisie gave it a little trim! I placed batteries inside the house and it doubles up as a beautiful nightlight which plays harp music!

This is a beautiful toy perfect for any little girl or boy who believes in fairies, unicorns and magic! I would definitely recommend this as a gift idea this Christmas!

Thank you for reading,

Chloe x

*This was gifted for the purpose of this review. All photos and opinions are my own



  1. 23/10/2018 / 5:43 PM

    Aw this looks fab! And great photos too. We had the original too but it’s still in its box. As you mentioned we didn’t realise we needed to get soil either. I might have to get this too as Krystabelle would love it.
    Fab review xx

    • Chloe Busby
      26/10/2018 / 7:35 PM

      Thank you!! I think she would love it xxx

  2. 06/11/2018 / 11:58 AM

    Amazing photos Chloe!! How lovely is this fairy garden. It’s so beautiful. We didn’t realise we needed soil either 🙈 Great review xx

    • Chloe Busby
      07/11/2018 / 12:01 PM

      Haha maybe they should add it onto the packaging that you need to buy it 😂 so funny xxxx

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