Our 4D Baby Scan at Window to the Womb

As you may already know, I am currently pregnant with baby Number 4! I have only ever had the NHS scans with all 3 of my other pregnancies, as this is our last baby we thought it would be lovely to book a private scan at 16 weeks to find out the baby’s gender.

Gender scan

We found a fairly local private baby scan clinic and booked our gender scan for my birthday!

We had a lovely experience at Window to the Womb in Ealing (there are many branches around the UK). The scan photos were really clear, we also had a 4D preview and we found out we were having a baby GIRL!

Of course we went shopping straight away and bought baby girl some things 💗

Here is our baby announcement!

Since our 16 week scan I have been following Window to the Womb Ealing on Instagram and they’ve followed my pregnancy journey too! I was delighted when I was asked to return for a 4D scan!

4D scan 

On 11th November 2017, we returned to the clinic. I was 28 weeks + 3 days pregnant.

Here is a video of us before our scan!


We went into the room; a lovely cosy room with relaxing music and a sofa for Lee and the kids to sit on. The TV screens were positioned around the room and were a great size!

We had a lovely experience, the kids were amazed they could see so many details; the ribs, heartbeat, toes, fingers, nose, mouth etc. We watched the baby in 4D and it was so lovely, she was yawning, drinking fluid and smiling. Baby’s eyes were still closed but it was such a good experience.

The baby was pushed up against my placenta, so there is slight blurriness in places but the results were so clear and real! Baby was estimated to weigh around 3lb 4ozs! We couldn’t believe it!

We were given an excellent package which included 2 large photos, 6 normal size photos, a magnet, a key ring and a full well- beige report. As well as this, we have all the images and a full video of the scan sent on the app Bumpies.

Here are some of our scan images: ^ Smiles

^ Drinking the amniotic fluid

^A big yawn!

^Scratching her nose.

^ Toes (I was going to say tiny toes but they look quite long!)

The staff at Window to the Womb were absolutely amazing, we felt so welcome, relaxed and they answered any questions we had. Kris (Kristina) who arranged the scan was amazing, so genuinely excited for us as a family and so happy to experience our scan with us. She gave well detailed explanations. When we came out of the scan another lady explained the package and showed us how to pick the photos we wanted printed.

The waiting area was clean, spacious, had toys for siblings to play with and a display of really cute bears and photo frames to purchase.

Here is a video of the entire scan!


Finally, here is our reaction to the scan!


It really was such a lovely experience, I would definitely recommend a 4D scan to anyone. Our other children were so amazed that she’s a “real” baby, we got some lovely photographs and now I’m wondering about how much she will look like our other children!

We think she looks a lot like Charlie! Here is a comparison of baby’s scan and Charlie when he was a few days old!

If you would like to check if there is a Window to the Womb clinic near you click here.

Thank you for taking time to read this blog post!

Chloe 💗


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