Peppa Pig Wooden Toys Review

*These products were given to us for the purpose of this review*

Peppa Pig

If you follow us on Instagram you’ll know that my youngest Darcie is obsessed with Peppa Pig. She started watching the popular TV show a year or so ago and was hooked! She has learned lots of words, she understands some of the storylines and she loves the colours and characters! She has the majority of the plastic toy range and although it’s lovely we (I) did get very excited over the wooden range!

Wooden Toys

Character Options have introduced a whole new collection for little Peppa Pig fans. Peppa’s World of Wooden Toys is excellent quality, durable and sustainable FSC Certified Wood. They stick to the classic designs and colours our children know and love so they’re instantly recognisable.

As soon as they arrived Darcie was so eager to get them out of the boxes! She was patiently waiting!

We received the Peppa Pig Big Red Car (rrp £12.99), Peppa Pig Family Figure Set (rrp £9.99) and Peppa Pug Wooden Boat (rrp £14.99).

Peppa Pig’s Wooden Red Car can be pushed along the floor and has 4 slots for the characters to drop into. It comes with a wooden Peppa figure. The car is a great size for little hands to wheel along and develop their storytelling skills.

Peppa’s Wooden Boat is also on wheels which is great! It features 3 slots for the characters to drop into and comes with a wooden George figure. I love the detail of the flag and bell on the boat.

The wooden figure set includes Peppa, George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig. They are brightly coloured and instantly recognisable. They are the correct sizes in comparison to each other (I.e George is the smallest). These are such a good size for Darcie’s little hands to pick up and move. She can drop them into the vehicles with ease.

There are other products available in this range including a Peppa Pig Wooden Family Home (rrp £29.99), Grandpa Pig’s Wooden Train (rrp £19.99), Peppa Pig School House (rrp £29.99), Peppa Pig Shape Shorter School Bus (rrp £29.99), Peppa Pig Wooden Aeroplane (£19.99) and Peppa Pig Wooden Mini Vehicles (rrp £4.99 each).

The whole wooden range is so beautiful and I would love to expand Darcie’s collection. They are going to last for years and would look so lovely on display in her room.


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