Roblox Series 5 – Review

Archie, Maisie and Charlie are all obsessed with Roblox on the iPad at the moment, but I always want to limit the amount of time they spend on devices.

When Roblox offered to send the kids some toys from their new series they were delighted! Then they debated about who they would belong to and who liked Roblox the most then they agreed that they would share!

Every time the postman knocked on our door they said “is it Roblox?”. Then the day came when it was actually their Roblox delivery and they were so excited they got them all out of the boxes straight away. I had to take a quick photo before.

They received two mystery figures which the boys both opened, one core, one game (Night of the Werewolf) and one multipack (Jailbreak: Great Escape). The toys range from £4.99-£29.99 so they’re perfect to add to with pocket money or birthday presents.

The kids all enjoyed playing with them together and particularly liked all of the accessories including an air glider, fences, traffic cones, money, a wheelchair and a walking stick. The toys are very detailed but due to the small pieces and accessories (gun etc) they are recommended for children aged 6+.

Each pack came with a redeemable code to unlock a virtual exclusive item on the Roblox app game. Archie was delighted to get some new accessories.

Overall, I think these toys are a great toy for older boys, it gets them off of computer games and gets them using their imaginations to create role play situations.

If you would like to view the whole range and purchase them please click here.

Thank you for reading,

*These products were gifted for review from Jazwares & Roblox in exchange for an honest review. All words and opinions are my own.


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