Schleich Eldrador Creatures

Schleich is a brand that is well known and loved by children and parents. We still have Archie’s Schleich dinosaurs which are about 9 years old! They’ve been played by children of all ages inside and outside and show no signs of wear. They are amazing quality toys!

Eldrador Creatures

Now children can experience the adventures and battles between the four worlds of Schleich Eldrador; lava, ice, stone and water!

The four toys Archie received are perfect for children ages 7-12, Archie loved them and Charlie likes playing with them too and he’s only 5!

The Fire Bull is hot tempered and has pointy, glowing-hot horns! He has a flaming tail to attack. This retails at £9.99

The Ice Spider hides to wait for its victims, it has eight eyes to keep multiple opponents in view. This retails for £9.99

The Battle Crab has size legs and can move as fast as lightening! It can attack with its big claws and it has a hook weapon! This retails for £14.99

The Armoured Turtle is not your stereotypical slow turtle he is the opposite, lightening-fast and very strong! He holds a double ended mace weapon. This retails for £14.99

I love the detailing of these creatures, they are solid and amazing quality. Some of them have moveable parts and they really come to life with the boy’s imaginations!Thank you for reading,

*We have been gifted these toys in return for an honest opinion. All words and opinions are my own.


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