SmarTrike 700 SmarTfold 8-in-1 review

Darcie spends most of her time in her pushchair still but as she’s my 4th baby I know all too well that this will soon be coming to an end. The moments when they want to look around and explore and you end up pushing a empty pushchair while chasing after them! Or you leave the pushchair at home and they get tired of walking and you end up carrying them!

With summer approaching (okay it’s still freezing but I like to look ahead), I was thinking Darcie will be toddling around and my pushchair will be too big and bulky for short trips out to the park or on the school run.

We were kindly gifted the SmarTrike SmarTfold 700 for review just before Christmas and we have been putting it to the test over the last couple of months!

First impressions

I was really impressed with how small the box was. It folds up really compact with no tools required. It has several different uses and can be used from 6 months all the way up until 3 years of age. I thought this was a fantastic feature because I don’t want to keep buying new products once Darcie has outgrown them.

Getting Started

Upon getting it out of the box I realised that the SmarTrike has a lovely storage bag. Things like this always feel like a little bonus. If you want to store it away or put it in your car you know it’s going to be protected and also protect your furnishings due to the storage bag it comes with!

As you can see Darcie was intrigued and couldn’t wait to get it out of it’s packaging. I was going to wait until she was napping but it did look super easy to use and I wanted my little helper to test it out straight away.

Setting it up was really easy and straight forward. The instructions are very clear with both words and pictures. This might sound really silly but sometimes I need a diagram to show me what to do!

Darcie’s First Impression

Darcie absolutely loved it! She was happy to be strapped in and loved the fact she could face me still.

The trike has a handy little storage bag which doubles as a footrest for when your baby parent faces. It has a five point harness and a bar that goes over the waist so you know that your baby will be secure. The seat also reclines so babies as young as 6 months old can use it and it’s handy if your baby falls asleep!

When your baby is older you can forward face the seat and still be in control of the steering. The seat can also recline in forward facing mode. The storage bag that Darcie was using as a footrest is now behind the seat. I love the little parent bag that’s at the top of the handle too, it has a cup holder and it is perfect for bits and bobs!

So many options!

When your baby is forward facing there are so many options as your baby grows, you can have their feet on the foot plate, the fold down footrest or you can attach the pedals so your child can learn to cycle.

Trike Control

You can decide who is in control of the trike, you or your child, just by clicking the red button down and twisting the wheel 180 degrees. The little icons on the mudguard show you which mode you have selected.

Compact Fold

The trike is so easy to fold as it has a patented folding mechanism. You don’t need any tools to fold it up and it comes with a lovely storage bag! Perfect for storing away in the cupboard or taking on holiday!

Overall Opinion

This is a fantastic trike for a child! I say child because it lasts from 6 months to 3 years! It is easy to steer, practical, convenient and not to forget fun! Darcie absolutely loves adventures in her trike and my older kids think it’s great that Darcie can whizz along with them. It is really well made and has a lot of fantastic features.

I can’t wait to get lots of use out of it in the summer and also as Darcie grows and gets to use it in all of its different modes!

Thank you for reading,

Chloe x

* Thank you so much to Bump PR and SmarTrike for giving me the opportunity to review this trike. All words and opinions are my own. #Gifted



  1. Jayde Whitman
    24/08/2019 / 7:19 AM

    We are in the middle of research a cabin type stroller for our first holiday together. Bub will be a few days short of 6months but is already in his big boy buggy seat. I came across a smart trike a few days ago and was set on getting this instead of the cabin stroller but I watched the videos and they made it seem quite tricky/long winded to fold down – but your review says it’s easy. I’m just thinking about being in the middle of an airport with a potential crying baby with a load of luggage 🙈 Would you recommend for airport use as well as holiday use? Thank you x

    • Chloe Busby
      12/09/2019 / 10:03 AM

      It’s easy to fold down but there are a lot of steps involved so it’s not quick. I have the babyzen yo-yo pushchair which is suitable for travelling. I’m not sure a smart trike would be cabin friendly. I haven’t used it as a stroller on holiday or in an airport we only use it on days out. X

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