Starting our Weaning Journey- spoon fed or baby led weaning?

Darcie turned 6 months old yesterday! How has half a year flown by just like that?

We started offering Darcie bits and bobs about 2 weeks ago but haven’t been following any sort of routine. Darcie often looks at us when we’re eating and started to get upset, so we decided to sit her with us at the table and offer her little bits here and there.

She’s tried a mixture of spoon fed and baby led foods.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the foods she’s had and how she’s found them:


Darcie tried cucumber cut into sticks and sucked the water out of them.


We also tried banana which was a bit slippery. I tried to leave the skin half on for her to hold and she managed to break it off.

Baby rice:

I’ve tried two brands one plain and one banana flavoured, but Darcie isn’t too keen on eating off of the spoon.


Darcie loved holding toast and sucking it. My husband was worried she would choke but she sucked it and was able to swallow pieces of it.

Spaghetti Bolognese:

I blended my spaghetti bolognese a little bit in my Nutribaby+ (review coming soon!) and she actually loved it! It was the most successful spoon fed food that she’a tried.

Pea and courgette purée:

Darcie wasn’t too keen on this! I don’t think she liked the texture of the peas.

Ella’s kitchen – parsnips

Darcie really enjoyed this one and most of it went in her mouth rather than on herself or the chair!


Darcie has tried a range of Kiddylicious, Organix and Ella’s Kitchen snacks.

We love the Kiddylicious wafers, they come in banana, blueberry and strawberry flavour, they somehow just dissolve in the mouth, they’re the perfect size to hold and they’re mess free with no staining!

Darcie also loved the Ella’s Kitchen sweetcorn and carrot melty sticks. She loved them so much and they didn’t last very long! They are the perfect finger food size and

Another firm favourite are the Organix pea puffs and carrot sticks, again a great size and they must taste delicious. We also tried the apple rice cakes and Darcie was biting and sucking for a while.

Which method of weaning will we be using?

I think it’s safe to say Darcie has preferred foods she can hold over being spoon fed and I think the majority of the time I will do Baby Led Weaning. I am still happy to use pouches and make food for convenience and for times when we are out and Darcie needs feeding.

From this week I am planning on going straight in to a proper weaning plan! I will update you all with how we get on!

Chloe x


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