The Birth Of Our Fourth Baby!

Darcie is one month old today! The past 4 weeks have flown by and Darcie has fit right in with our family!

It seems like so long ago already and I don’t want to forget the experience so in this blog you will find out all about my pregnancy, labour and birth experience to bring little Darcie into the world!

(Photo taken at 40 weeks and 3 days pregnant)

I was due on 31st January, but as my other three children were overdue I assumed Darcie would be late too. I was getting contractions for a while before and was a bit dilated too, but I was right and Darcie arrived 5 days late!

Leading up to my due date, I had a couple of hick ups, nothing to serious but things that worried me. My iron levels dropped and I had to get them high enough in a short space of time to be allowed a water birth. Baby was back to back, I did the silly thing of googling and reading too much into other people’s experiences. It was actually fine and she was sideways when I went into labour.

Sunday evening on 4th February I said to my husband Lee something felt strange and I thought tonight would be “the night” On the morning of 5th February it was around 5.30am and I was getting contractions, not more painful than I had been getting the past couple of weeks so I ignored them and stayed in bed. Around 5.45am the contractions got a little worse so I got a drink of water and went into the living room and bounced on my ball. I called Lee, who was in the bedroom and he woke up confused as to where I was! He came to the living room with the duvet and laid on the sofa telling me to to back to bed! I don’t think he realised it actually was “it”.

I called my mum and ordered a cab, whilst sitting on the toilet in labour (tmi!) and she arrived at 6.30am to look after Archie, Maisie and Charlie who were all still fast asleep. At 7am we left and made out way to the hospital, arriving at 7.30am.

At this point my contractions still weren’t close enough and my waters hadn’t broken so I was unsure if we’d be sent home. The midwife assessed me and confirmed I was 5cms dilated and could go into the birthing room! I was so happy I was going to get my 4th water birth in the birthing centre.

I got into the pool, drinking lucozade sport, at around 7.45am. I didn’t have any pain relief as I never liked the idea of gas and air and always felt the heat of the water was enough to ease the pain.

The contractions were more painful and much, much closer together at this point. I kept feeling like the baby was going to come out at any minute but kept saying to the midwives “but my waters haven’t broken”. Suddenly Darcie was on her way and her head slowly came out in the sac, as I got the next contraction her head turned, popping the waters and her body came out.

She was still underwater and the cord was wrapped around her neck. The midwife was super quick and untangled it and I lifted Darcie out of the water and placed her on my chest. Such an amazing moment!

Darcie made her appearance at 8.28am on 5th February weighing 8lb 14oz!

It all happened so quickly and in my notes labour is recorded as 1 hour and 44minutes.

We were allowed home the same day and I was eager to get home too as Darcie has a big sister and two big brothers who were dying to meet her!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. If you would like to hear more about Darcie’s birth and how the past month has been please pop over to my YouTube Channel Life with the Busby’s Thank you for reading!

Chloe 💕


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