Twisty Girlz Review

You might have heard of Twisty Petz, they’re the cutest little beaded animals which turn from a pet into a bracelet! My daughter Maisie has some of the original and baby ones!

Maisie and Darcie were so excited to receive some Twisty Girlz!

The latest addition to the Twisty range from Spin Master. Twisty Girlz transform from girl to bracelet with a few simple twists! Each Twisty Girlz has their own look, style and name! Each girl comes with a mystery pet inside a carrier. You then attach the pet to the leash and the pet can become a ring!

The girls love playing with the Twisty Girlz and they love wearing them too!

There are lots of Twisty Girlz to collect, including rare and super rare dolls! The girls were eager to find out their Twisty Girlz names and find out if they were rare!

Twisty Petz are available to buy now and make the perfect Christmas gift!

Play with them, wear them, I doubt they’ll be able to put them down!!

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