WordSearch Junior Review

*This game has been gifted in exchange for an honest review

WordSearch Junior

It can be quite challenging finding activities and games to keep the kids entertained during lockdown that’s why we’re so grateful for the opportunity to review this game.

I have children aged 10, 8, 6 and 2 and it is perfect for the older three! Recommended for children aged 4+ it won’t be long until my youngest can join in as well!

In the box you get a games board, 6 blue grids, 6 green grids, 6 red grids, 140 counters and an instruction manual.

The different coloured grids are for different levels of play. Starting with the blue grids, these enable younger readers to find rows of images like items of food or fairytale characters. Once they’ve found them they cover them over with their coloured markers.

The next level of play includes a the red grids, these have words and pictures. There will be an image and then the letters to follow. For example a fish and then the letters f i s h, all of which will be covered with the coloured markers.

The final level of play includes the green grids. These have just letters and no pictures. The words are fairly simple but it’s competitive and the kids enjoyed it.

Charlie found the words and pictures a little too easy to find but he enjoyed the words on their own. It was a bit of a challenge for him being six years old.

I would say my older two children Archie and Maisie found it a little easy and the novelty wore off after a while, I’d like to try WordSearch with them as this is aimed at children 8 years+. I think the game could be improved with more game boards to keep their minds ticking.

It’s a brilliant game for a group of children of similar ages. I could imagine setting this up in my classroom for the children or for use at wet play.

A brilliant concept, could be improved with a few more game boards, but I really like it and the kids enjoyed playing and competing against each other!

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