Zimpli Kids – Slime Baff, Gelli Baff and SnoBall play review!

I think the slime trend is driving all parents bonkers at the moment with the thought of slime all over your beautiful carpets and furniture. It ruins clothes and gets stuck in their hair!

Zimpli Kids is a fantastic brand which design and manufacture all of their own products! They are safe for children to use and as the word “baff” suggests they can be used in the bath! Containing the mess to the bath and it can all just be washed away!

We were delighted to receive a range of products in a variety of colours and the kids were so excited to get stuck in (literally!). We receive 2 x Gelli Baffs in green and red, 2 x Gelli Slimes both in green and 2 x SnoBall plays!

Slime Baff

Inside the box is a sachet and the instructions! It is really simple and easy to follow; fill the bath with 3 inches of water, sprinkle the sachet in, mix it around and wait 5 mins and you will have amazing slime! It is safe and doesn’t stain the bath, Maisie even tipped it over Charlie’s head and it didn’t get stuck in his hair. Once play is finished you simply add some more water and the slime turns to liquid so it is safe to wash down the plug! It didn’t leave any staining to the bath and I just gave Charlie and Maisie’s swimwear a rinse through and bunged them in the washing machine as usual!

Gelli Baff

This time there two sachets! One to make the Gelli Baff and one to get rid of it when you’re finished! Again we did this in the baths and the kids couldn’t wait to feel it. I filled the bath with a small amount of water and sprinkled the sachet in. Within minutes we had a thick Gelli ready to play with. The kids loved the feeling of it on their toes as they stepped in the bath. Again they tipped it over their heads, threw it at each other and had a great time! Once they had finished playing I added the white sachet and the Gelli slowly turned watery, I ran the tap and it all went straight down the plughole with no fuss. A bit of it stayed in Maisie’s hair but once it was washed it just came out. Again this product didn’t stain the bath or tiles etc and was relatively mess free!

SnoBall Play

The kids had a great time with the SnoBall Play! There are two sachets inside the box so you have two chances to play. It sounded like quite a lot of water was required and I was a little worried that it would be too watery. Just 5 minutes later we had the perfect product which resembled snow! The kids tried to keep it in the bowl but they were so excited. It looks messy but it was absolutely fine, I scraped most of it off of the table and into the bowl and hoovered the rest up!

Thank you

The kids had an amazing time playing with these products. Thank you to Zimpli Kids for asking us to review them.

Thank you for reading our review,

Chloe đź’•



  1. Cath
    18/01/2019 / 3:42 PM

    My kids would love these!

    • Chloe Busby
      19/01/2019 / 4:15 PM

      They’re really fun!! Xxx

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